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We began our story as

 Oma and the Oompahs, 

with Pearly Sowell at the head as Oma; accompanied by the Oompahs, 

her son David Smith on the drums, 

and friend Bobby Owens on the tuba.

For forty years, they have 

entertained live audiences across Texas, 

Oklahoma, and Louisiana; 

and nationally and  internationally via

radio and television cable channels


Inspired by Oma and the Oompahs


Newly retired at 92, Oma is passing on the baton to her son, David. The Oompahs have grown to a consortium of professional musicians playing together as The Oompahs

David Smith, leader, singer and percussionist

Eddie Brown, sousaphone

Jonathon Campbell, tuba

Shirley Johnson, accordion  and singer

Maria Mullins, keyboard, xylophone and singer 

The Oompahs are currently performing at Krauses Bier Garten in New Braunfels.

Our Influences


Our music is inspired by the beauty

 of traditional German and eastern

 European cultures.  We provide a 

unique blend of talent and excitement 

in our waltzes, polkas, and schotisches 

with a sprinkling of ballads that will have 

you swaying in your seats, banging 

on the tables, singing la-la-la 

(good German) and dancing.

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Do you have questions or want to book a show?   Please email The Oma at  p.sowell@sbcglobal.net


830-625-9288 for Oma or 830-832-8158 for David